The Gradient is a digital magazine covering research and trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We provide accessible and technically informed overviews of the what's going on AI, as well as a platform for perspectives on recent developments and long-term trends. In short, The Gradient points in the direction of the field.

We are a non-profit and volunteer-run effort run by researchers in the AI community. We were founded in 2017 by a group of students and researchers at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL).

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Andrey Kurenkov
Hugh Zhang
Justin Landay
Bradly Alicea
Kiran Vaidhya
Malhar Patel
Shagun Sodhani
Adithya Ganesh
Jessica Dai

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Eric Wang
Nancy Xu
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Simone Totaro
Yuge Shi
Stan Xie
Kai-Siang Ang
Mirantha Jayathilaka
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