Introducing Perspectives

Introducing Perspectives

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In our Editor’s Note, we said that the Gradient would be home to two kinds of articles: Overviews and Perspectives. Over the past few months, we’ve produced a number of Overviews, each offering insight into the latest research in machine learning. But now it’s time to complete the second half of our launch.

Introducing Perspectives: a platform for editorial opinions on AI. While our Overviews have highlighted new advances in research, Perspectives will provide a forum for original takes, social commentary, and speculative forecasts on AI technologies.

The Gradient was founded to foster discussion about fundamental issues in machine learning. Overviews contribute toward this goal by explaining the ground truth of what’s happening in AI today. But simply informing the public on the state of AI is not enough to achieve our mission. Perspectives serve to create momentum towards pressing research questions and inform policy related to AI. By bringing together experts from academia, industry, and government, we aim to create an open intellectual community of AI researchers and practitioners.

Interested in joining the conversation? Contact us at editor (at) thegradient (dot) pub.