2023 Gradient Prize

2023 Gradient Prize

We’re excited to announce the 2023 Gradient Prize! TLDR: Submit full, finished pieces any time this calendar year — we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

To enter the contest, just fill out our writing interest form and indicate interest in the contest in your submission.

Prize allocation


Guidelines for a winning essay

The remainder of these should be considered rough, flexible guidelines for pieces that have been successful in the past. If you write something truly brilliant that contradicts these, please still feel free to submit!

Selection process

The process of selecting winners will be as follows.

  • The core team of Gradient editors will read all submissions and compile a shortlist of finalists. Each submission will be read by at least two members of Gradient editorial staff.
  • The shortlist of finalists will be anonymized and sent to our guest judge(s).

Previous Winners

The 2022 Gradient prize was one by Graph Neural Networks beyond Weisfeiler-Lehman and vanilla Message Passing, with Engaging with Disengagement and AI is Ushering In a New Scientific Revolution as runner ups. See our full announcement for more details!

The 2021 Gradient prize was won by The Imperative for Sustainable AI Systems, with Machine Translation Shifts Power and Machine Learning Won't Solve Natural Language Understanding winning the runner up prizes.